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Zoë! 21 D.C. She/Her \m/

Testimonials: "zoe i hope u know yours is the only tumblr i check daily" - nikki

googling “mackulay culkin 2014” is the most interesting thing i’ve done all day. 

like I guess I need better hiding places what. 


this girl in my class today was writing a ton of stuff on her paper while we were taking notes and i was like “woah what are you writing did i miss something she said” and the girl laughed and was like “oh i’m not taking notes this is a list of things that annoy me”

I was hiding a driving ticket for just $30 in my drawer and apparently my mom was putting stuff away and found it OF COURSE. 



Harry Potter reading Harry Potter on the set of Harry Potter during shooting of Harry Potter.


So cute!! 😂 

A member of the Rockefeller family is in this bathroom right now meaning the Rockefeller family has now heard me pee.

today my friend who I haven’t seen in a while told me they lied when we met and said they were bi because they wanted to test the water and make sure I was cool first before coming out as lesbian and I passed so that’s good

I do think it’s just further proof I should move to England though so that’s good news.

here’s an interesting fact - i go on tindr sometimes to “play tindr” (I don’t actually use it okay) but I got more matches in the UK then I do in the US like in the UK it was about a 9.5 right to .5 left ratio and in the US it’s more like 7 right to 3 left ratio. Am I prettier to UK people or do they have lower standards? Science? 


still not at a point in my life where i can describe my emotions without sounding like a 14 yr old who just smoked weed for the first time.


rom-coms (romantic communists)